I've wanted to wear a suit for YEARS, because, well...power dressing. It's not often I see women nailing them, but when I do, I'm in awe. So obviously when I saw this two-piece being styled for a shoot at work, I knew I had to have it. There's always that one outfit idea you'd secretly love to wear, but if you're like me, you probably feel like you haven't got the guts to do it. FUCK IT! I've learnt to embrace my style and wear whatever I wanna wear. Granted, my mum tells me I dress 'masculine' and in too much black, but maybe that's just my style! There's nothing more empowering than wearing something that's truly you. I genuinely wore this outfit to the cinema the other night for no apparent reason other than I wanted to feel good (for more tips on how to practise self care, check out my last post). I think that's the best way to wear trends - in any way that makes you feel confident and happy.

I could list all the hottest trends for Spring / Summer this year, but the reality is that unless you're a millionaire, you're not going to be able to wear them all. And while I do end up following trends, it's mainly because of my job. I've also realised that it's rather pointless doing so, because the following year you're stuck with a few pieces that feel dated and are just clogging up your wardrobe. I absolutely loved gingham last year, but my gingham coat has definitely lost its exciting edge now! 

So hopefully I'll be able to heed my own advice and only buy clothes that are wearable all year round. I feel like fringed suits like this are timeless and wearable for several different occasions. Job interview? Check. Night out? I reckon I could pull it off. Hell, I'd probably even wear this to a wedding (but with different shoes, obvs). Also suits and co-ords are great because you can split them up and wear them in so many different ways. That's definitely a good way to get your moneys worth! 

If you're looking for cool suits, Topshop, Sister Jane and Bershka do some amazing ones: think prints and bold colours. And if you do give it a try, tag me so I can have a look-see.

Jacket and trousers, River Island; t-shirt, Paul Smith; boots, Zara; bag, Skinnydip

'Till next time.

Daisy xox

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