As I'm sure you've heard a million times, we're all in this together. Lockdown, that is. Like everyone, this is the last thing I was expecting. I quit my job (still no regrets), moved out of my house in London (still no regrets), went travelling, and now I'm back home again. I'm really lucky to have somewhere to self-isolate in the beautiful British countryside, the sun is shining and I'm with my other half. I can't lie though, I'm bored as hell and it's only day two. 

For me, it could be a lot worse - but it's a tough time for businesses, big or small. I feel particularly sorry for independent business owners though, as unlike huge brands, they don't have millions of pounds to fall back on. With this in mind, I want to draw your attention to some of the best cute little vintage boutiques I've come across that are still selling online. 

Nordic Poetry

I love this store SO much. I came across it when I was scouring vintage stores for a shoot I was working on and the designer pieces caught my eye. Based in Shoreditch, East London (well, duh), they say their selling point is the fact they monitor the 'latest fashion and future trends' to give you vintage yet current garments. 

They have a killer collection of mens and womenswear, to be fair. Whether it's glamorous D&G you're looking for, or if you prefer to keep it casual in Fila, they seem to have everything. They sell items on ASOS Marketplace and Depop, as well as their own online store, so you have plenty of ways to shop their stuff. 

Peony Vintage

Based in Margate, Peony Vintage is a store that characterises everything that comes to my mind when I think vintage. Store-owner Georgina Roberton handpicks her vintage garms from all over the world, so you know you're getting something worth buying. That's the beautiful thing about vintage; you're buying one of a kind items with a great story behind them - one that you probably will never know.

Whether it's seventies florals or cute jewellery you're after, any vintage lovers will love Peony. I'm dying for these marble-effect leaf earrings.

The Bearded Gypsy Vintage Co

I met Tilly, who owns The Bearded Gypsy Vintage Co, during my recent travels and have been scouring her website ever since. The store has a real seventies vibe, with killer cowboy boots, cool denim and varsity-style tees available to shop online now. 

The site also offers plenty of vintage outfit-inspo, so if you're a fast fashion addict trying to shop sustainably for the first time, you don't have to think too hard about how to make second-hand clothes look good. 

If you're a real fan, Tilly also runs markets and other events. After this whole Coronavirus hell blows over, I'll see you there!

Another Matinee

I honestly couldn't adore a shop more than Sarah Brand's womenswear brand Another Matinee. I've followed Sarah on Instagram for years and it's amazing to see her put her unique and pointed eye into a brand. Just looking at the website gives me chills; everything about it is super cute. 

Now that I'm done fan-girling, I'll fill you in. Another Matinee regularly brings you small yet perfectly curated collections of vintage dresses - think twee, romantic, quaint. I'll be honest - it's not super cheap, but that's what you get for a brand with clear vision, quality and style. Sarah regularly announces new launches on Instagram, so give them a follow here to keep in the loop.

Snake Cake Vintage

If romantic dressing isn't your thing, look no further than Latvian brand Snake Cake. They caught my eye on ASOS Marketplace with their clashing prints, love of the oversized and DGAF attitude - not necessarily things you associate with vintage clothes. However, with decades of fashion to choose from, vintage really is what you make of it. It doesn't have to be all musty suede jackets and floral dresses, and SC prove that.

My favourite item available to buy now is this vintage Escada leather jacket. If it's a little out of your price range (nope, I don't have £520 to play with during a pandemic either), they have plenty else to choose from with a more modest price tag. So...what are you waiting for?

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