Your time of the month will never be the same again...

I was lucky enough to attend The Bloggers Hangout Beauty Bar last month, which was a real treat. There were tonnes of incredible brands showcasing their products (more of which I'll tell you about soon...), but one that really stuck out to me was Pink Parcel, so I just had to tell you about it.

The idea is this. Every month, they send you a box of goodies especially catered for your 'time of the month’ - but this doesn’t just include tampons (where would be the fun in that?!). Pink Parcel have teamed up with some of the best beauty brands to provide you with fantastic treats every month to make your life that little bit easier. Think OPI, Bourjois, MUA and Fake Bake. It’s not all beauty, though. You might be gifted with chocolate, tea or  even a candle if you’re lucky. You simply provide them with your favourite brands and the date of your period on their website, and they ship the box out to you when you need it. 

The box I walked away with at the event was jam-packed full of lovely things, including:

A months supply of tampons
A weeks supply of Perfectil Skin, Hair and Nails supplements
Daisy & Dam organic dark chocolate
Pop Heart Lip Balm
An arrow pendant from thismaterialculture.com
OPI nail varnish
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess black mascara
Bella Pierre eyeshadow
A sachet of Pukka detox tea
Bandzee hair bands
Sass Intimdate Purifying Cleanser

The first parcel only sets you back £7.99 and goes up to £12.99 including delivery thereafter. 

I'm looking forward to next month's box already!

Daisy xox

Head to pinkparcel.co.uk for more info

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