Cutting down on fast fashion is difficult - but definitely not impossible.

Since I started fashion news website Wear Next, I've decided to practise what I preach and aim to shop more sustainably. I know fashion is creative, exciting and has the power to make anyone feel confident, so I'm not banishing it entirely - but I am slowing my approach down. 

So for 2021, I'll be buying one new thing a month only. 

For some, this may seem like a lot. Some people are more than happy to barely buy anything, but as someone who works in fashion, it's nearly impossible to just stop buying full stop. 

Instead, I'll consider every single purchase, I'll opt for swapping clothes instead of buying mindlessly, I'll discover new sustainable fashion brands and I'll opt for second hand over brand new. 

I truly believe this is the right approach. While it's impossible to tell all consumers to give up fast fashion entirely, we can all cut down and slow down. I'm not perfect, and the expectation to be can sometimes feel daunting. If we all cut down, just think of the difference it'd make! 

Fortunately, after putting most of my clothes in storage for a year, everything I have at the moment already feels brand new. This co-ord is almost 10 years old from Zara, but I love it SO much. I got the skirt brand new, but I found the matching jacket years later in Oxfam in Dalston. 

Checkerboard is back for 2021, so I couldn't be more excited to wear it again.

If you want to join me in my sustainability pledge, leave a comment below. I can't wait to shop smarter!

Daisy xox


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