Oh hey, readers! It's been a while - a very long while. I haven't posted since APRIL! I think that's the longest I've ever not posted on here ever. For various reasons I've had a hard year, and when you're feeling lousy the last thing you feel like doing is taking pictures of yourself and sharing them online. I've been wondering when the best time to post would be, and as I relax at home before I embark on four months of travelling, now seems fitting.

I won't bore you with the reasons why this year has been hard, but rather explain to you why my love of fashion has thrown up some moral questions. I previously posted about sustainable fashion being on my mind this time last year, and now I'm struggling with it even more. Perhaps prior to Extinction Rebellion, nobody seemed to care about the disastrous effects fashion was having on the environment. All we cared about was how we could look great at the cheapest cost. As various documentaries and newspaper articles have recently made clear, we can no longer afford to do this. XR staged a funeral march at London Fashion Week, calling for the biannual event, as it stands, to come to an end. In a pretty rock n' roll move, protestors staged a funeral for LFW. Gathering around two black coffins, they held signposts that read: 'RIP LFW 1983-2019'. 

XR have since posted an event on Facebook, urging followers to boycott fashion. The post reads:

"The fashion system is broken. Globally we produce up to 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, taking a terrible toll on the planet and people who make them. What’s worse, new reports predict the apparel and footwear industry will grow by 81 per cent by 2030, putting an unprecedented strain on already devastated planetary resources.

We are facing ecological collapse due to the effects of climate change - and the fashion industry plays a big role in this. As part of Extinction Rebellion’s #XR52 weeks of direct action, we urge people to #BOYCOTTFASHION for a whole year, in order to disrupt business-as-usual and send a message to government, industry and public alike that enough is enough. We must collaboratively act now to mitigate fashion’s impact on people, planet and the other animals with whom we share it."

I've spent years feeling the pressure as an occasional blogger to always have brand new clothes, to look as perfect as possible and to basically be rich enough to be 'on trend' 24/7. Realistically this isn't just damaging to my mental health, but also the world we live in. So I've been inspired to drastically cut down on fast fashion. This year is hopefully going to be the year I change my attitude towards the industry I work in and help others to do so too. If you want advice on second-hand fashion, reworking clothes so they feel brand new and all things vintage (like this insane Western jacket), give me a follow! 

'Till next time,

Daisy xox


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