IF you know me, you'll know that I'm all about rings. This love of jewellery came from my mum, who wears huge rings on every finger and has done for as long as I can remember. Her friends and acquaintances always comment on how I take after her when they see my hands (in the last case, it was her acupuncturist!). 
When it comes to rings, for me anything goes. I love huge bold rings, and I don't care about mismatching silver and gold, or different colours of gem. I'm a firm believer that more is more, so I put as many on as I can! That said, I also love minimal jewellery and I'm never not wearing my mini gold hoops.
The only problem with wearing rings all the time is the dreaded green stain that cheap jewellery leaves on your fingers after a few wears - as well as the quick fade of the jewellery that goes with it. I manage this by mixing and matching my rings, wearing a few genuine gold / gold plated pieces with cheaper options that I can alternate to give my hands a rest. You'd be surprised at how reasonable gold-plated rings are, too. But enough of my jibber jabber, let me tell you about each of my favourite band brands so you can wear rings how you like.


Everyone bangs on about their clothes, but Zara have all sorts of awesome and affordable jewellery. Their rings usually come in multi-packs that can be worn all together or separate depending on your style. I love the rustic feel of the textured metals used to make them.


Daisy London have delicate but beautiful stackable rings, which worn together look awesome. Not only that, but they all have meaning. This particular Daisy London ring is there to remind you to seize the day, or 'rise up like the sun and shine bright'. How cute is that? 


I couldn't list jewellery brands without mentioning Accessorize. Every one knows and loves the brand and for good reason. Every time I'm running low on rings, I go in-store and buy a multi-pack of of stackable rings and I instantly feel myself again. Their Z for Accessorize collection is fabulous if you're after something long-lasting and extra-special, but their main collection is just as beaut.


Rock n' Rose are one of my favourite brands because everything they sell is just so damn cute - so while these aren't strictly rings, I still had to mention them. Their jewellery lasts ages, but the vintage-style design is still on-point. It's so rare to find these days, so they're definitely worth checking out. I also have a huge girl crush on the founder Emily!


You got me, vintage ain't a brand - but when it comes to rings, buying vintage is great. While it's often affordable, you can find some incredible one-off pieces and unusual designs. Every time I wear this ring, someone comments on it. If you're not sure where to start, I've got one word for you: eBay.

If you've got any other jewellery brands to recommend, PLEASE send them my way! I'm always on the hunt for cute new rings to add to the collection and to update my little list here. Drop me a message on FACEBOOKTWITTER or INSTAGRAM and let me know!

'Till next time,

Daisy xox



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