BELIEVE it or not, nothing stays out of fashion for very long. Ten years ago, nobody would be seen dead wearing perspex. Cue a Kardashian wearing it, and now it's EVERYWHERE. This fact makes it very hard to have a wardrobe cleanse, as you face the difficulty of not knowing when a garment may come in handy again, and the only way really is to make sure you're buying quality clothes that you truly love regardless of what's 'in'. I've been thinking long and hard about this, as the impact fashion is having on our environment is undeniable, while the consumer greed we have can be quite intoxicating at times.

When I first moved to London, I went to Beyond Retro in Shoreditch with my first pay cheque and bought this fringed suede jacket from the outlet area. I can't say I wear it very regularly - mainly because of the comments it receives - but I can't let go of it either. So as fringing comes back into fashion this season, I thought I'd resurrect it and show you how to rock the trend. There are plenty of similar jackets out there, and if they haven't hit the shops yet, do keep an eye out. I love this one from Muubaa at ASOS - and it's on sale too!

Obvs I went all out with the Western look and wore these sold out Topshop boots, which I'm obsessed with. If you like them, you'll LOVE these. It's hard to know where to draw the line when it comes to buying new things, but it's fair to say I don't own any other cowboy boots and these are pretty cool. In an age where we see everyone changing their outfit every single day on Instagram, I'd like to embrace the things I have and buy new things that will last me a long time - so do forgive me if GOD FORBID you see the same thing twice 😂 Like body positive bloggers allow us all to finally find peace with our body, I would love to see more fashion bloggers wearing second hand, vintage or bringing their old clothes back to show that feeling amazing is possible on a shoestring budget and doesn't have to fuck up our planet. If you're on board, watch this space!

Till next time,

Daisy xox


Jacket and shirt, vintage at Beyond Retro; jeans, BDG at Urban Outfitters; boots, Topshop.


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