This isn't a usual post for me - but I want it to be. You see, my greatest interests in life haven't always appeared to match up with my beliefs. I'm what some would call 'girly' - I work in fashion and adore it, I wear make-up and I bloody love Sex and the City. But despite the way I've been spoken to on occasion, these parts of my personality don't mean I'm stupid. I have opinions and passions outside of the superficial - so perhaps in this case, what you see isn't what you get.

I am a feminist - and proud. This word has become pretty 'trendy' as of late, but that doesn't make being one any easier. You're still met with eye rolls, judgement and people thinking you're high-maintenance when they discover you care about gender equality - even from your family. Regardless, I truly believe this is what all of us should be fighting for and we shouldn't be afraid of judgement. I'm not talking about buying a Feminist t-shirt either (although I have nothing against anyone doing this - fashion can mean freedom and self-expression). 

I decided to write this as I have been questioning what I have to offer as a blogger. I love fashion, but I also care about equality. I know some bloggers just want to stick to the light-hearted, but I'm not afraid to share my beliefs and to fight for what I believe is right in any aspect of my life. The gender pay gap at the organisation I work in is huge - and I'm fighting for equal pay. I discuss feminism with my friends and family regularly. I studied Sociology at University. So why would I not comment on something so close to my heart on my blog? If feminism can be normalised, why not try? This might be just a little blog post, but if all fashion bloggers - hell, women! - were publicly commenting on it, people would have to sit up and listen. Every little helps, as they say. So here I am, looking my usual, sunny self but this time, with something important to say. 

I hope you'll join me. Please share this on Facebook or Twitter if you do.

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