26 Grains, Covent Garden

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I bloody love porridge. 

Call me crazy, but I'd choose a warm, hearty bowl of the stuff over a fry-up any day of the week (I mean, you can probably get a sense of that anyway from my blog)

So imagine my utter joy at discovering a café that specialises in it! 26 Grains is a super-cosy and cute brekkie spot nestled in the beautiful area of Neal's Yard, Covent Garden.

The hidden-away hotspot is brimming with colour, which is refreshing change from the chaos of the city, and the food is even better.

As a vegan, it can be tricky to come across tasty spots that cater to you. I'm lucky that the area I live in London offers an abundance of vegan eateries, but the centre of the city isn't always as kind. However first and foremost, I want to mention that 26 Grains have plenty of choice.

From avo toast, to yellow dahl, it certainly isn't just porridge - but for me, that's the best bit. It's not just your bog-standard oats and [plant based] milk; the Nordic Pear consists of almond milk spiced oats, pear, cacao crumbles, seeds, greek yoghurt, maple, and I added coconut yoghurt and almond butter - obvs.

It arrived looking like the most aesthetically pleasing breakfast of my life, which might sound ridiculous but let's face it - we all love pretty food. Most importantly, it tasted heavenly and spruced up my usual breakfast dish a treat.

26 Grains, Covent Garden

26 Grains, Covent Garden


Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

While the café isn't entirely vegan, it's perfectly easy to find options that are. All porridge dishes are made with almond milk, while there's coconut yoghurt that can replace greek yoghurt if desired.

As you can see on their menu here, there's only one dish that contains meat - but it's presence makes perusading your meat-eating friends there that little bit easier. As for the coffee - oh lord. I'm a big coffee drinker and it's fair to say theirs impressed me.

If that, on top of the fact winter is almost upon is (the clocks are set to change soon :O) isn't reason enough to go down, next Wednesday 10 October is World Porridge Day apparently and they're offering two for one on all porridge dishes. You're very welcome!

Nordic Pear Porridge at 26 Grains, Covent Garden

Coffee at 26 Grains, Covent Garden

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'Till next time,

Daisy xox

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