Well would you look at that...it's September already. I've had such a lovely summer - with the sun shining brightly for weeks on end, it was hard not to! But one of the biggest highlights was my week-long getaway with my best pals to Lisbon. I saw some amazing places, ate some divine food and had the time of my life, and I thought it was time I shared my recommendations here in case you’re ever planning to visit. Despite summer being pretty much over, I'm sure my highlights will be useful for years to come, so there's no time like the present.

I went to the Portuguese capital for a whole seven whole days. Many people seem to think of it as a place to go for a quick weekend getaway, but I like to chill when I'm on holiday and move at a leisurely pace, so it worked super well for me. We got up late, had brunch and went about our days. We never felt rushed or stressed, which sums up Lisbon for me. We barely even drank any alcohol, so unfortunately I'm not able to give you tips on where to get smashed or party all night. What I can offer are a lovely selection of chilled cafes to get tasty coffee and put your feet up during your well-deserved vacay.

Sunglasses, old ASOS (similar here).

First up has to be Bowls & Bar [above]. For us it was an easy pit-stop as it was round the corner from our Air BnB, but it's fab for vegan food and matcha lattes too (check out the menu). I had to spend an afternoon working on my laptop and it was the perfect place to chill without interruption. Plus, I hear they serve a decent cocktail at dinnertime and the neon lights are a sassy touch.

Important note: if you're a big foodie like me, you HAVE to try a Pastel de Nata during your trip. They look rank AF, but they taste like sheer heaven. If you've never heard of them, they're custard tarts to me and you...but don't underestimate how amazing they taste, especially with a glass of port. There are countless places to get 'em, but we went to Fabrica da Nata and got one for A EURO. You wouldn't get those prices in London, I tell ya.

Body, Levi's; shorts, Current Air at ASOS; shoes, New Look.

We also came across the cutest little café while walking around the city. If you're a London foodie, you'll love Comoba in Bairro Alto [above]. It served up all my favourite grub and they even served homemade almond milk. You might lol at me for caring, but that's so rare and makes for such a lovely touch. The coffee was divine and that was a bonus. We had the bica breakfast burrito with tempeh and I can confirm it was increds; I could have had two! The vibe is super chill and the décor is so light and airy, I could bring my laptop here and sit happily for hours.

While I don't usually walk around cities half naked, we stumbled across an awesome outdoor pool in the centre of Lisbon that was relatively undiscovered. At first glance Jardim do Torel seems to be a peaceful park where you can take in views of the city, but if you look a little harder you'll discover an untouched pool that seems to be frequented by locals rather than tourists. If you're hoping to top up your tan while in the city, it's the perfect place to do so. We also hoped to hit up the Botanical Gardens, but sadly never made it. If you get the chance, do give it a go and let me know what it's like!

Bikini top, Soul Cal; shorts & shoes, as before.

High up on my list of places you HAVE to check out is also LX Factory [below]. I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who (somehow) happens to know about all the coolest places EVA, and this was definitely one of them. A quick Google tells me it's Lisbon's 'hipster haven' (*eyeroll*), but seriously...if you're looking for somewhere creative and inspiring, it's the place to be. It's a hive of stunning cafés, unique shops, tattoo studios, art spaces and killer restaurants. Think of it as Lisbon's Hackney Wick, but with more of a buzz. The rooftop bar Rio Maravilha was a particular highlight; there's nothing like watching the sunset across stunning views the city (inc. the Christ the King statue and the Tejo river). Also worth visiting is Village Underground. While we didn't stop and eat there, the pictures speak a thousand words if you ask me [below]! 

Swimsuit, Figleaves; shorts, vintage; earrings, Astrid & Miyu; necklaces, Rock n' Rose & ASOS [sold out, similar here].


Another foodie highlight was in the nearby town of Cascais, which I highly recommend visiting. It's a beautiful seaside town, with beautiful cobbled streets, stunning tiled walls, a dreamy beach and incredible food. The rooftop bar Cafe Galeria House of Wonders serves up amazing vegan food (see pistachio cheesecake below for your slice of #foodporn) and thirst quenching sangria, all atop a sun drenched rooftop. I couldn't recommend it enough: plus, it's highly Instagrammable. See evidence below.

Cafe Galeria House of Wonders, Cascais
Cafe Galeria House of Wonders, Cascais

Phone case, iDeal of Sweden

Cascais, Portugal

Shirt and shorts, H&M [sold out]; top, Topshop [old].

Cascais, Portugal

If I am completely honest, I had no particular desire to see Lisbon as my trips tend to be to places as far away as humanly possible, but I was pleasantly surprised. This always seems to be the case with European cities; I have no desire to see them, but when I do I fall madly in love. You take for granted what you have on your doorstep, but...[insert mention of Brexit here]. I fell in love with the city. I’m sure if you’re planning to visit, you will too. Be sure to send me your tips!

‘Till next time.

Daisy xox

Lisbon, 2018

Jacket, Pull & Bear.

Lisbon, 2018


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    Hi! I really like the way you explain all about your Lisbon tour. It seems you had great fun! Your blog has helped me a lot in preparing my Portugal itinerary list. I hope, my tour will be lot organized now! Luckily, I already have my Portugal holiday visa.



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