DO you love or hate polka dots? 

Despite them being pretty inoffensive, I reckon they're a love or hate thing. I have friends who wouldn't be seen dead in a polka dot dress, but others absolutely smash it. I'm somewhere in the middle; I'm definitely not a fan of your average spotty frock, but I'm absolutely in love with this one because of the high neck and long sleeves. There's always a way to make something work to suit your style!

Having said that, I'm aware that it's easier said than done. I'm sure all of us have experienced feeling stupid in an outfit you've put together, or being worried about what others might think. It's not just fashion that the sentiment is relevant to; it's everything in life. Plus confidence comes and goes, so while at one period of time you may have been happy to wear 'crazy' clothes, now you might feel shy and silly if you do. I can't give you any words to make that feeling disappear, but know that it'll come back if you know yourself well. It always has for me!

Dress, Topshop; shoes, Next; sunglasses (old) and necklaces, ASOS.

It feels similar with blogging at the moment. I used to blog because it was something I enjoyed and it was a creative outlet when I hated a previous job. Now, in a world of people blogging for £££ and everyone trying to get trillions of Instagram followers, I really feel it's losing its value. Working in the magazine industry, I obviously see it from the other side too. Magazines have actually lost their financial value because bloggers are making all the moolah. And why shouldn't they? I absolutely love how real people are inspiring others on a daily basis, but I'm not particularly into Instagram models showing off their perfect lives and making everyone else feel shitty. But hey, that's just me! 

Anyway, that's part of the reason I've been off radar lately. I guess also because I now work in fashion, I felt like I should simply cover fashion on my blog, but in reality I have other interests too. I want to keep sharing my opinions, talking about things we sweep under the rug / feel too embarrassed to discuss, and exploring other passions. So that is what I'll do!

Speak very soon...

Daisy xox


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