Soz to go on and on and on about this, but I'm literally obsessed with Sister Jane. The London-based brand really sprung to my attention recently and now I'd be happy for my entire wardrobe to be made exclusively by them (I wish...)! Luckily for me, I was invited through work to attend a press breakfast introducing their accessories range. While I am sliiightly (read: very) delayed in posting about this, I also caught an up close and personal glimpse of their entire clothing range too and as it's all available now, I had to share it with you - not to mention the amazing spread that was on offer from Farm Girl CafĂ© next door. 

At Sister Jane's accessories collection launch
Sister Jane's SS18 accessories collection

I don't think there's many other brands out there that combine femininity and a vintage essence quite so well. There are beautiful details on all of the dresses that you just don't get anywhere else on the high street. Plus all the pieces feel authentic and considered. I went to a recent sample sale and I bought a dress that wasn't even hemmed!! Note: it was an absolute bargain, don't worry. While the prices are (usually) slightly higher than your average ASOS dress, the quality is definitely worth it (and their sales are incredible, so keep an eye out). 

Sadly my dress isn't from SJ in this post, but was a vintage gift from my bestie Leah. She bought it as a v. glam Halloween costume, while I wore wild Lichtenstein get-up that year. Needless to say, she looked utterly beaut and I looked totally nuts. I didn't wear it for ages on the basis that I was always labelled a goth at school and have had a complex about my pale skin and dark hair look ever since, but when I did get around to wearing it I actually loved it. I reckon it fits in pretty well with SJ's vibe too. My shoes are Bershka...you've probably spied them in about 43 posts this year, including this one. OOPS. Anyway, happy shopping.

Farm Girl Cafe spread at Sister Jane's SS18 collection launch
Sister Jane's SS18 collection

'Till next time

Daisy xox

Sister Jane's SS18 collection
Sister Jane's SS18 collection
Sister Jane's SS18 collection

PS. If you like the look of SJ, you have to check out their sister brand Ghospell. In fact, I'm wearing the sell-out candy stripe dress in this post. For more fashion, check out all of my outfit posts here.


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