What does fashion mean to you? For me, it can be the difference between a bad day and a good day; an outfit that makes me feel confident can put me in a good mood and transform my personality, whereas if I'm not feeling it, I'll probably be thinking about going home and changing from the moment I leave in the morning. To some this may seem ludicrous, but there's also a positive way of looking at the way fashion can shape your mood. 

Take this dress, for example. I absolutely love it. It's from the lovely fashion brand Ghospell, which is Sister Jane's sister brand (if you don't know them, get involved!). When I wore it to work last week, I had so many compliments that it was hard not to feel nice. I felt like it put across certain aspects of my personality and made me feel super feminine. And some days, that's exactly what you need. 

I recently wrote about how women are often patronised for their interest in fashion and beauty on my second blog 52 Weeks of Self Love and concluded that in some ways it's nice that we're able to take control over how we feel through these channels. I've had male friends proclaim their jealousy at women being able to cover up blemishes with make-up, or wearing more exciting things. I suppose it's something we take for granted. So I'm not embarrassed by my love of fashion and I don't think it's anything to ever feel ashamed about. If anything, it gives us power to be ourselves and a confidence that some aren't able to create.

'Till next time...

Daisy xox

Colour by numbers dress available from Ghospell

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Colour by numbers dress available from Ghospell
Colour by numbers dress available from Ghospell

Dress, Ghospell; shoes, Bershka.

Colour by numbers dress available from Ghospell

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