Monki-ing around in this patent and shearling coat

EVERY winter, I feel the same. It all starts off with fun and games, twirling around sparklers on Bonfire Night, dressing up for Halloween, buying Christmas presents for my loved ones and getting a thrill when I put on my first pair of boots of the season (although less so the last one, as it's so chilly in this country I seem to wear them all year round!). But by January, I'm a little bit over the cold season and I'm dying for summer to roll back around. This year, I'm desperate not to let the winter blues get the better of me. So here are my tips for making it through with a smile on 'yer face...

Monki-ing around in this patent and shearling coat

Invest in a winter coat

If there's one good thing about winter, it's the opportunity to purchase a lovely big warm cosy coat to see you through the bitter chill. I'm IN LOVE with this Monki jacket and I know it'll keep me toasty all season. It's so oversized that it makes quite the impact and manages to keep even me - the coldest girl EVER - warm. Of course, you also need to treat yourself to some sturdy yet stylish winter boots!

Get outside

It's so easy to want to stay inside all season to avoid the chill, but you need that vitamin D to get through it! I love getting outside for a winter walk or quick jog. It might feel chilly to begin with, but once you get moving you'll reap the benefits and enjoy yourself (promise). You can get outside and socialise too; I loved taking snaps with the talented blogger (and fashion photographer here!), Lauren Rose Bell

Monki-ing around in this patent and shearling coat

Have fun

Don't keep yourself cooped up inside. This year, I'm determined to keep going out and enjoying myself rather than letting the cold weather get the better of me. I'm still planning to go on nights out and find fun winter-themed things to do. Christmas is the ideal time to do this obviously, what with events like Winter Wonderland and ice-skating at Somerset House around, but there's plenty of things going on throughout the season to keep you occupied. Keep an eye out and don't put your life on hold just because it's cold.

Look after yourself

Another thing I often let slip when it gets cold is my beauty regime. I don't bother moisturising my body, I quit fake tanning, and I don't bother with painting my toenails. Not this year! I'm taking good care of my skin, keeping my toes perfectly preened, shaving my legs often and taking my vitamin D.  It might sound silly, but it's letting things like this slip that makes me feel down in the winter. And it makes getting your body out in the summer far less terrifying!

Monki-ing around in this patent and shearling coat

Eat well

When you're keeping your winter body covered up in layers-upon-layers of knitwear, scarves, hats, gloves and coats, you forget about treating it well. I often binge on Christmas dinners, hot chocolate and sweet treats because it feels autumnal and I think, 'why not?' But actually, I end up feeling sluggish and rubbish. Of course I'm going to allow myself treats...it is Christmas, after all. But there's no point eating your body weight in roast turkey if it's going to leave you feeling lousy in the long run. It's all about balance and moderation, and there's plenty of healthy winter meals you can cook. 

Book a holiday

Let me paint you a picture. It's January 31st. Christmas is over, your New Years resolutions have failed, and with summer still months away, you feel like there's nothing much to look forward to. Book a holiday for February and you're laughing. You'll get a rush of vitamin D, and by the time you get back it's just that little bit warmer and closer to spring. I felt so much healthier and happier after my three-week break to Bali in February this year. Of course, you would feel that taking a break from work, but it was 100% worth it.

Monki-ing around in this patent and shearling coat

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