I've got a new lease of life at the moment. The irony here is that I'm in a situation where this really shouldn't be the case, but for the first time in a long time I feel relaxed and ready to deal with anything that comes my way. You wanna know the reason why? I'm giving myself a break for once.

In this day and age, we never stop. Whether we're at home, at work, in bed, even on the bloody toilet, we're checking our phones (Side note: WHY IS EVERYONE ON THEIR PHONES ON THE TUBE THERE'S NO SIGNAL JUST READ A BOOK). When we're not scouring through social media looking at everyone picture-perfect lives, we're checking our work emails - and then you've got your hectic social life to contend with. And I haven't yet mentioned the horrendous social pressures placed on us to look fantastic all the time and to be climbing up the career ladder so that eventually we're able to say we've achieved successful status... I'm exhausted just writing about it. But right there you've just described me down to a T (apart from the checking my phone on the toilet bit, obvs. I would absolutely never do that...). 

My loved ones are always telling me I put too much pressure on myself, but strangely enough it's something I've been quite proud of. When I was younger, people would tell me I was lazy (rhyming Daisy with lazy isn't smart OR funny), so growing up to be a proactive person feels like quite an achievement. But at times I've found myself unable to cope and it's become clear that somewhere along the line, the balance isn't quite right.

After this realisation and some useful chats with my incredible friend Carley, we put together a plan of action, which basically consisted of a bunch of different ways to relax more and feel good about myself. If you're interested, these include:

  • Visiting home once a month
  • Spending three nights in per week
  • Drinking less coffee
  • Exercising every other day
  • Turning my phone off after 10pm during nights in

Seems do-able, right? Before said chat, I was pounding the coffee, trying to exercise every day, going out every night and spending every weekend drinking too much. It's fun, yes - but it can't last forever. Now I've realised it's absolutely okay to give yourself a break, because it makes you more fun in the long run. I'm sure my best friends are happier to have me around when I'm a barrel of laughs, rather than the overtired Daisy they were hanging out with last month (sorry for referring to myself in the third person. Really, I am).

So here's to being boring! It's not as unproductive as it sounds...trust me.

Daisy xox

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