I've been using Classpass for almost a year, so you'd think I'd have exhausted all of my options for fitness studios in East London by now. But I was surprised as anyone when I realised Ethos had been open for months without me even noticing and promptly booked in after a recommendation from a friend.
The day I woke up at some unearthly hour to go to my very first class there, someone tagged me in something on Instagram about the studio and I saw tonnes of comments talking about how "intense" and "brutal" it was. This did not fill me with confidence, as you can imagine. But I dragged myself over there regardless - and boy, was it tough. Prepare for a hell of a workout!


Simply put by Ethos, the class is a "unique blend of yoga, strength and flexibility work and cardio."
This isn't exactly clear, so I had no clue what I was really in for before the class began!


Old Spitalfields Market, 8 Horner Square, London, E1 6EW.

The promise

Pretty much none...but judging by the reviews, I'm going to sweat.

The reality

I felt incredibly apprehensive before the class began due to the 'warnings' I'd received, but I tried to put my fears to one side and give it a go. After all, how bad could it be?
As I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful facilities. The studio is super sleek, with glass walls, wooden benches, stylish lighting and a cute café to boot. If this was how much effort was put into the decor, I was sure the class would be great too.
I entered the room and found myself a mat, before discovering I was next to the (unbelievably toned) teacher. Great.
We did a bunch of different poses throughout the class, which incorporated both yoga and strength training and they certainly challenged me. As soon as the instructor began guiding us through the TRX exercises, I realised just how far I've got to go to build up my strength. No matter what I do, I always feel so weak! And not only that, I'm still shockingly inflexible. I find it pretty frustrating when I go to a class and struggle to do things, but I guess it's also quite motivating.
The fact that the room was heated for full impact obviously made it even tougher, but it looks like I’ll have to keep working on my guns!


I definitely worked up a sweat, but I'm not convinced it can be called a cardio class. There was no running or jumping, just good old strength and stretching. Having said that, I left feeling like I’d very much worked out and although I haven’t done the class again yet, I’ll be returning when I can to work on my weaknesses.
The instructor was firm and tough, which sometimes puts me off if I’m honest. Due to the fact the class was totally packed, she didn’t have much chance to make sure everyone was in the correct position either, which is something Ethos may need to consider.
The studio, however, is blissful.  It’s set above Spitalfields market and is super smart and sleek, which I love. Be warned though, you will need to queue up for the shower and they don’t have any conditioner (important to mention if your hair gets knotty like mine)!

For more info, head to ethos.co

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