If you've been following my month of fitness, you'll know that I don't struggle with motivation to get to a gym. That's clearly not my issue. However, I'm quickly discovering that food is much harder to contend with. 
When it comes to eating well, so many other factors play a part; how much sleep you're getting, how bored you find yourself day-to-day, what your friends eat, or even just the food you have lying around your house. 
I generally don't sleep enough. Even when I get a good seven hours kip, I still feel exhausted because my brain is constantly in overdrive. I need about eight hours to feel good. People say you should prioritise sleep over exercise, but not doing any would surely affect my sleeping patterns too and if I didn't sleep AND didn't exercise I'd probably be a miserable mess. 
So this week, I realised that my body was craving energy. Or in other words, sugar. I was getting up every morning and hitting a class - but come 4pm I was heading to the vending machine for my sugar hit. This habit isn't only not good for you, but it's also pretty disheartening when you're trying to look after yourself.
I know what you're thinking. If you're exercising every day, you deserve to treat yourself. But part of that is wanting to look after your body as best you can, and it's recently been highlighted to me just how harmful sugar is. I don't want to waste my energy at the gym on stuffing myself silly, so to be honest, I'd rather avoid it altogether and treat myself in other ways. But we all know that's easier said than done...
I tried to give myself a little TLC this week and favour pilates and yoga over intense classes. Aside from my nightly haribo bonanza, this is how my week went...

Day 15

I was working from home on Monday (heaven), so I managed to take a trip to Tempo Pilates in Hackney. After the gigantic struggle of finding the place (I made some pals at Netil 360 rooftop. Note: Tempo Pilates is not on the rooftop), I was pleasantly surprised by the studio. It's open plan but just as chilled as the Shoreditch studio, if not more. 
The teacher Caro was relaxed and understanding, which I really appreciate when it comes to reformer pilates. I'm a bit uncoordinated (understatement) so I need a patient instructor. I thought I was getting stronger, but she made us do some intense core exercises that killed me! Next time I'll manage it, eh?

Day 16

I went to 1Rebel and did the class I fear the most: RESHAPE. 
It was going well, if not RIDICULOUSLY HARD, when something terrible happened. 
It was packed, as per usual, and another girl doing weights behind me accidentally let her dumbbell roll under my treadmill. Cue a terrifying jolt forward and the machine dying completely. I had no idea what had happened, but everyone was freaking out and making me sit down as if I'd just fallen over.
Once I actually did deck it in 1Rebel and nobody noticed, apart from my (then) boyfriend. As you can imagine, it was great. I now have an irrational fear of their treadmills, so this didn't help. Cheers bbz.

Day 17

I headed to MoreFit in Cannon Street for the same class I did last week, Beach Buns and Abs (again, lol). I find it pretty satisfying because my legs are the strongest part of my body, so I can actually lift heavy weights - whereas if I do any class that's arms and abs, I'm just your average Joe struggling to keep up. The instructor Katarina is great too and it's as if she's your personal trainer in the class, as it's such a small group. 
I find a lot of classes are geared towards cardio, or they'll be yoga/pilates, so it's great to find a place that focuses solely on lifting weights.

Day 18

I'm not gonna lie, by day 18 I was just about ready to kill myself. I woke up at 5.45am (madness) and dragged my sorry ass to Frame in Shoreditch for Punch & Pad. I was praising the lord that I was doing a class that wasn't cardio-based. 
Wanna know what happened? I ended up in the wrong class, which is entitled 'Cardio'. It was a ridiculously intense 45 minute class, which saw us doing sprints on the treadmill, intense boxing, jumping on insanely tall boxes and spinning. By the time I realised I was in the wrong class, it was too late. #deathbycardio

Day 19

Sorry to swear, but thank FUCK for Pilates on day 19. I didn't want to waste my credits at Blok on it, because I love their core classes so much, but I literally couldn't take another intense session. 
It was delightful. My new fave instructor took the class (side note: she has an INSANE body) and it was fantastic. Props to her (I don't know her name). 

Day 20

As you may notice, I'm always hungover on a Saturday at the moment. I'd had like zero sleep and cba with a class, so I decided to do a yoga video at home.
I'm LOVING the Yoga With Adrienne YouTube channel, so I did one of her vids. Check it out if you haven't already. She does all sorts, including yoga for anxiety (if you saw my last post, you'll know this kinda thing comes in super handy). This time, though, I did yoga for runners. See below. 

Day 21

My fave workout day is Sunday, because I practically always do The Well Garden's Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation class. 
It was all going dreamily until the yoga teacher nearly broke my back! You know that thing everyone can do, where they casually lie on their backs and throw their legs over their heads? I can't. I was getting closer than ever before and feeling super excited, when she decided to give me a 'helping hand'. I basically started shouting 'OW, IT REALLY HURTS' until she gave up and told me, "It's all in your head!" I've been having back pain ever since. Why do I always get injured?!

Look out for details about my final week soon and if you missed it, you can catch up on weeks one and two of my fitness challenge.

Daisy xox



  1. You go girl! I am completely the same when it comes to sugar, straight to the vending machine and it's soooo good haha, but we must restrain ourselves! It sounds like you're doing amazing and I love reading these kinds of posts, it really motivates me to get myself out there and look after my body better :D can't wait to read more, followed on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks lovely! It's been hard but so worth it. Glad you enjoyed. Followed you on BL :) xxx



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