When you're pushed to do something, you'd be surprised how easy it is to get done. That's how this month felt to me. 
People often balk when I tell them what I've been doing and seem to think that, a) I'm bloody mental and b) they could never do something as wild as exercising every day. But actually, it's pretty easy once you get into it. 
I probably don't need to list off the positives to you because I'm sure you're not thick, but I'm going to anyway. Exercising every day made me feel stronger, more able bodied in every day life, it kept my anxiety in check, I lost weight, my flexibility improved, I met new people, I felt fulfilled and not once did I go to a class and regret it (unless you include that time I walked into the wrong class and ended up pounding the treadmill for 45 minutes). So for anyone that thinks it's an extreme thing to do, I beg to differ. 
Make yourself a cuppa, cos this is another long'un. This is what the final few days looked like...

Day 22

Back at The Refinery for another AAA: Ass Arms and Abs class. The teacher Marlon is one of my favourite instructors ever! He makes you do a MILLION squats, so my poor thighs were dying by the end, but it's a good'un. I also love classes where I know people, so that's a plus.
I was feeling MEGA anxious this week and the class helped no end. I usually dread evening classes because I just want to chill, but I was so pleased I did this one because it took my mind off work and got rid of my stresses. Dreamy.

Day 23

I went to Project Fit for the very first time - mainly because my credits at all my fave studios were all used up (no offence, PF!). 
Because treadmills scare me so much (read my last post to find out why) and because after 22 days of fitness I was feeling lazy, I opted for the strength class. I think the normal class is similar to 1Rebel and is hardcore cardio as well as strength training, but I could not be bothered with that, thank you very much.
I enjoyed the class, but there's not much to be said about it. Got in there, did some squats, did a few bicep curls, and I was done. Exciting stuff...

Day 24

I had another Daisy-esque fail on day 24. Me and my pal Stacey were booked into the very dreamy studio Another Space in Covent Garden (note: it's not on ClassPass) for spinning, but she forgot her gym kit. 
So off I scurried by myself to the class, which started at 6.45pm - or so I thought. I finish work at 5pm, so I chilled out in CG, ate my body weight in fruit and nut mix and wandered around the shops. I rock up to the class only to be told that in fact, it started at 6.30pm and I am too late. Fuck my life.
I ended up waiting ANOTHER 45 minutes for yoga and by this time my head was spinning out of control with stress. Another night wasted, I thought. 
Alas, I was so wrong. The studio was super sleek, the teacher was a total babe, the class was dreamy and it cleared my head no end. Apparently Nicole Scherzinger goes there, too. BONUS.

Day 25

I wake up on Thursday and I think, 'If there's one thing I could do without right now, it's a fitness class.' As well as feeling insanely anxious (did I mention?), I was exhausted. But as with Monday and Wednesday, getting up and working out made me feel so much better. 
I went to Frame and did the Punch and Pad class - but I actually made it this time. There's nothing I love more than boxing because clearly I'm a very angry person who needs to expel their rage - not by shouting 'GET OUT OF MY WAY' at tourists taking pictures of London Bridge at 8.45am, but through punching bags instead. 
I LOVE this class because for some reason, both loud nineties Rn'B and whacking things really motivates me. You work up a sweat but it doesn't feel like a chore at all.

Day 26

I know I said that exercising is brill and it's not hard to keep motivated, but I am seriously knackered by this point. I wake up and decide not to bother with a class, so I do some yoga at home instead. 
Cue another Yoga With Adrienne video. 
Who doesn't love stretching in the comfort of your own home, rather than feeling like the least flexible person in the world in what appears to be an advanced fitness class? This works a treat for me when I can't be bothered to get to the gym.

Day 27

As usual, I spend my Saturday being hungover to shit - but obv I still make myself go to a fitness class. 
This time, it's Pound Fit at The Refinery. If you don't know what that is, it's a workout using drumsticks - or in fitness terms, Ripstix. You drum to the beat and use the stix not just to make music, but to tone your muscles too. 
Now, I'm up for trying new things but there's no denying that I am seriously mal-coordinated. As much as I want to say I flew through the class with ease and grace, that would be a blatant lie. I felt like a bit of a wally most of the time. I couldn't quite grasp it and my speed was pretty abominable - while everyone was drumming away, I was still trying to get my head around the last move - but it was fun to try something new. If you're into dance, defs give this a go.

Day 28

After my last Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation class at The Well Garden, I was a little apprehensive. For those of you who don't know, the teacher injured me the week before by giving me a 'helping hand' and putting my legs behind my head when THEY DON'T BEND THAT WAY. 
My back had been playing up all week, but obvs I pushed through because I'm such a trooper and all. It was just a bit awks when they asked if anyone had any injuries and I said, 'Yes, your co-worker nearly broke my spine last week.' But this time, I was left to it. Phew!

Day 29

It landed on a bank holiday Monday, so of course I had another hangover (I'm not a big drinker, I swear!).
As a result, I left my workout until the day's final hours - but this actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. I told myself I'd go for a quick run, nothing special. But as I jogged around a secluded Victoria Park, I felt so peaceful and happy. I ended up running for 8km because although those endorphins were really flowing, I also got a little lost running in the dark. It's lucky I didn't get locked in!

Day 30 

I headed back to Project Fit for another strength class. Seriously, nothing appeals to me about running flat out on a treadmill for 45 mins. I'd much rather get outside and go jogging, than doing it in a basement and pay £20 for the privilege. 
Again, there's nothing particularly crazy about the place. One thing I do enjoy is the red lights though, because they cover up my spots and make me feel great when I'm forced to stare at myself doing squats for 45 minutes. #justbeinghonest

Day 31

You'd think it would have dawned on me when I began my 30 Days of Fitness challenge that there are 31 days in August, but alas - no. 
I'm not someone to do things by halves though, so I kept it up on the 31st too and hit my favourite studio The Refinery for a DOUBLE WHAMMY. Lol jk, one of those is meditation. I'm not fully insane.
I do AAA again for one final push and something magical happened. Another class-goer (is that the right word?!) asked me if I was a yoga teacher. Yes, me!
I think this is possibly the greatest compliment ever, because it suggests that I am not as awkward and out of shape as I think. Win!
After the class is over, I chill out at Mindful Meditation and Gong Healing. Let's face it, after 31 days of working out I need it! 

Onwards and upwards

You'll notice that it's now mid-September and for that I can only apologise...I'm a busy working gal, what can I say?! But at least posting this late means I can tell you where I went from here.
While I loved working out on the daily, sometimes it's just not possible. I also think it's important not to put too much pressure on yourself (she says, as she works six days a week, writes a blog and tries to work out every day!), so if you can't make it to the gym you shouldn't beat yourself up. However, I also think exercise is the best medicine if you're feeling stressed and anxious. 
Since completing this, I've continued to go to classes around five times a week. This usually includes three strength/cardio sessions, one pilates class and one yoga session. I've noticed a real difference in my strength and flexibility so I'm trying to keep this up, but a girl needs to rest. 

If anyone else decides to take on the challenge, let me know how you get on! 

Daisy xox

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