I decided recently that I'm going to take more risks. I've come across so many amazing women over the years and often their admirable self-assurance shines through in their fashion sense. They do say those with confidence are the most attractive, after all!

As I've said before on my blog, it's inspired me to be more free in my fashion choices - but I also want to take more risks in every other part of my life, whether that's through travel, work, my personal life or whatever else. I've booked to go to Bali for three weeks next year and I've generally been living a bit more of a care-free life. 

I guess this outfit is part of that. I love wearing bright coloured clothes these days and the sunshine always makes me want to whack out the yellow. It seems as though the whole of London has the same idea though, as I see about 10 people a day wearing the same Zara jacket! I also have the matching skirt and I wear the pair together when I'm feeling really brave. 

The dress was another Zara purchase, of course...(I promise one day I'll put something up that isn't from there, although it's so easy to find lovely clothes in there).

As usual I stacked up the rings, including a set from Accessorize that I recently blogged about and a new midi ring from Velvet Head (although I wore it as a pinkie ring). I can't deny that I love ugly shoe and sock combos at the moment so I chucked on my patent DMs with a glitzy pair of Urban Outfitters specials.

What are your boldest outfit choices? Do you dress for your mood? I'd love to hear from you!

Daisy xox

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Jacket, Zara | Dress, Zara (sold out) | Rings, Vintage, Accessorize & Velvet Head | Shoes, DMs | Socks, UO

Photography by M├ęgane Crozes


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