I'm addicted to reading blogs. I could spend hours poring over the beautiful photos, inspiring words and carefully crafted designs. It seems to be the new reading your favourite magazine - so I figured, why not share the love? I love to support other women and those around me with real talent, as you probably gathered from my last blog on Emma Gannon.
These blogs have really inspired me - not to mention made a massive dent in my bank balance (I'm constantly shopping the look!). It shows just what hard work and talent can achieve. I hope you love them as much as I do..

1. Pages by Megan

To say I am obsessed is an understatement. Megan's style is flawless. It seems like everything she wears is something I desperately want and I'm forever inspired by her looks. Plus, her sock/shoe game is on point.


2. Freddie Harrell

I don't think there's any bloggers out there quite as inspiring as Freddie. Amongst many other things, the French beauty is a style expert and confidence coach - and she blends the two seamlessly. She's taught me to care less about what other people think and be more me, which can never be a bad thing.


3. Career Girl Daily

This blog just speaks to me, however lame that sounds. Barely a day goes by where one of their blog titles doesn't grab my attention and their attitude is so relevant to my life. The girls cover career, fashion, beauty and lifestyle and they never get it wrong. Perfect for any confident, independent women.


4. The Little Magpie

Amy Spencer has one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever seen. I'm in awe of her impeccable style (and also frankly amazing bod, not that it's important) and I'm always checking to see what she's wearing next. It's also been pretty incredible watching her flourish over the years. She was even featured in Hello magazine recently! One of the best.


5. Wish Wish Wish

Anyone who's anyone has heard of Carrie Santana da Silva. Her photography is insane, her outfits beyond chic and she's achieved more success than most of us could ever dream of with her blog. You can tell she puts a lot of work into it, so she definitely deserves everything she has. Her Instagram is addictive too. Once you scroll, you just can't stop! 


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