If you know me, you'll know that this dress sums up my style perfectly. It might look like a simple outfit to you, but I can't get enough of collars, smock dresses and check prints. Throw in an embroidered bee and, well, it's the dream dress. Not only that, it's bloody comfortable too.

I bought it recently from ASOS' Reclaimed Vintage label, which is one of my favourites. It's not exactly a unique find, but Reclaimed is one of my favourite brands. I opted for vintage shoes (which may look comfortable, but my feet tell a different story) and of course, my favourite sunglasses. I seem to wear them on my head 24/7, significantly more than on my actual face. 

I chucked on another leather jacket from Zara later on, which wasn't going to make the cut as it's the same one I wore in my last outfit post - in blue. I know, I know, I need to find a new store to shop in! I spied a burgundy version on their site too and I'm definitely going to have to buy it come autumn. Is having the same jacket in three different colours too much? Then so be it! 

Daisy xox

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Dress, Reclaimed Vintage at ASOS. Shoes, vintage at Beyond Retro. Sunglasses, old at ASOS.

Jacket, Zara.

Photography by Mégane Crozes

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  1. Love these photos and that dress is goregous 😍




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