Apologies that this update of week two of my 30 days of fitness challenge is a little late - I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING BUT EXERCISE. If anyone who's expressed their concern at the amount of exercise I'm doing is reading this, please note that I'm joking - because there's been a lot of that lately. Turns out, people don't get it if you exercise a lot! Who knew?

Anyway, let's get to the real task at hand here: how I've been coping with dragging my ass out of bed at 5.45am most mornings to go and get shouted at by a fitness instructor.

Week two has brought along with it one challenge in particular: all I want to do is stuff my face with meat. This would be all well and good if I actually ate meat, but alas I'm a pescatarian - and in this case fish and eggs are simply not cutting it. I've only been veggie(ish) since January 1, 2016, but so far those eight months have been a breeze and I haven't cared about not eating dead animals anymore. But obviously when you're putting your body through a lot of exercise on the daily, you need protein. It made me realise I STILL don't eat that much, despite trying to get some into every meal and stuffing my gob full of nuts at any given opportunity, so I guess the cravings make sense.

Aside from that, week two was relatively easy, if you don't count being forced to do yoga on two hours sleep and a raging hangover. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone.

Here's what I did this week...

Day eight

I felt refreshed and still generally excited about my new regime when I woke up earlier than necessary to go to Blok-Core. This is my favourite class ever, because it's bloody hard. The instructor Jermaine likes talking about his good abs and how he got them and I want good abs, so it's a great combo. We did a tonne of planks, crunches, sit-ups and horrendous v-sits - but the best bit ever was at the end when Jermaine told me my "core was getting stronger". Once, he told me I needed to go to more classes because I was so weak (I was going to four a week. Give me a break, Jermaine!) - so I was beyond happy to hear I'd finally improved. Roll on that six-pack.

Day nine

Day nine nearly killed me. There I was being all boastful about my strong core, and then I went to Ride at 1Rebel. I hadn't done any spinning for a while and despite it being fine at the time, I spent the entire day afterwards feeling exhausted. It felt a bit like I'd run a half-marathon, and that's a feeling I never particularly wanted to have again. Cue bedtime.

Day 10

I probably should have given my poor legs a rest at this point, but no - I booked a class called Beach Buns and Abs. Lol. It was a load of heavy-weighted exercises for your legs, like squats, lunges and deadlifts, as well as your standard planks and crunch-type exercises. I was pretty happy to be lifting heavier kettle bells than most people because this is a rarity for little old me. I also made friends with the people in the class, which is just another plus to doing classes. 

Day 11

By Thursday, I was ready to give myself a break from cardio and weights so I booked into Tempo Pilates again. It's taking me a little while to get the hang of it but I now have a love for reformer pilates, which I never thought I'd say. I wasn't getting every move wrong anymore and I can actually feel myself getting stronger and slimmer. Losing weight isn't particularly what I'm after, but I'll take toning up any day.

Day 12

While most normal 25 year olds spend their Friday nights downing pints and awkwardly chatting people up at the pub, I went to yoga. Oh, what an exciting life I lead.
No but seriously, I loved it. I went to Pump Up the Flow at The Refinery with one of my fave yoga teachers ever, Pennie Ludlow (if you live in Hackney, go to one of her classes. She teaches pretty much everywhere and has the most soothing voice I've ever heard). 
Usually, I spend yoga classes getting grumpy and glaring at the annoying people who do headstands and the splits while staring at their cuticles as if it's the easiest thing in the world. But at Pennie's class, I finally get like I was getting stronger and yoga was getting easier.
It was relaxing too, so I finished off my week of work feeling quite chilled for once. Obviously I then topped it off by going to a bar and drinking wine. #healthyliving

Day 13

I woke up (kind of) bright and early for a 10am class at The Refinery called Ballet Rebels: Box & Burn. I didn't really know what this would entail, but anything that mentions boxing makes my heart flutter slightly. All that London-rage I now have has to be dealt with somehow!
When the instructor Ruben called out for everyone doing ballet, it went right over my head - but then the realisation hit that oh yes, I'd booked into another bloody dance class. 
Luckily, it wasn't really ballet. We did a load of quite relaxing barre exercises, some boxing moves with 1kg weights and some planks/yoga moves. The soundtrack of Jamie xx made me particularly happy and I left feeling relaxed yet accomplished.

Day 14 

I'd had two hours sleep on Saturday night, so when I woke up on Sunday the thought of exercise made me want to kill myself. I battled with my thoughts and decided on doing restorative yoga at The Refinery again. 
I was absolutely dreading it, but it was pretty much meditation! I don't know if this really counts as exercise - but I made the effort to walk over there and do something good for my mind and wellbeing etc etc, so I'm going to count it. Also, this class marked my 100th ever class on Classpass - so that's a pretty good achievement I think you'll agree!

I'm half way through - yay! More next week. Spoiler: it doesn't get easier.

Daisy xox


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