This month I've undertaken the momentous task of exercising every day. I know, I know - I'm crazy.
Luckily I'm a member of Classpass in London, which makes the usually painstaking task of exercising much more fun - so I'm hoping it won't be as hard as it sounds.
I've decided to mix it up. Instead of doing hardcore HIIT workouts seven days a week, I'm going to do a mixture of strength training, cardio, yoga and pilates. Hopefully this will keep things interesting and prevent me from reaching the point of exhaustion.

I wanted to keep you updated on how my month is going. Who knows, maybe it could even inspire you to take up getting fit too! Here's how week one went...

Day one

I've just returned from a pretty gluttonous week away in Italy and France. I barely exercised and feasted every day on huge portions of bread, pasta and cheese. Sometimes you need a week off, eh?
This meant that I came home feeling pretty motivated to get back into my usually healthy lifestyle. It was, however, also day one of a new job - so I didn't want to risk being late for work. Instead of going to a class, I opted for a run around the park. So far, so good.

Day two

I headed to Upper Body Tone and Lean at MoreFit in Cannon Street to work on my core. This 45-minute workout was mainly (heavy) weights and involved planks and crunches too. It feels great to be doing toning exercises again because my body feels like jelly right now.

Day three

I'm feeling sore from yesterdays workout as my arms are pretty scrawny. In fact, they're the weakest part of my body. But somehow, I've put myself down for another upper body workout at 1Rebel's Reshape class. This always makes me nervous because it's pretty hardcore, but somehow I'm able to do it - but at the end of it my arms are killing me.

Day four

I'm up bright and early to do a core class at Hackney's Blok studio. I thought I was going to be seeing my usual teacher, who usually gets us to do millions of squats (despite it being a core class) but instead I'm greeted by a new instructor. We did a pretty hardcore workout that consisted of pretty much every exercise under the sun. Squats, crunches, planks, push-ups, tricep dips...you get the picture. It was exhausting, but rewarding.

Day five

By Friday, I'm pretty knackered (and hungover). Luckily, four days of intense workouts means I deserve a less strenuous session of reformer pilates. I've never been a huge fan of pilates in general. It feels less tough, so therefore must be less good for your muscles, right? But I think I'm wrong.
I headed to Tempo Pilates for a session and it really worked on my strength. I've done it before but wasn't totally convinced, but this time I love it. I can't wait for the next session - it feels like such a treat.

Day six

I'm getting more and more tired...and I'm hungover again. The last thing I wanna do is any more exercise, but I drag my (hopefully more toned) ass to Frame for a Beyoncé workshop - which is a complete LOL if you know me at all. It's two hours, but I think it'll be fun nonetheless.
At first, the class was great. You don't feel like you're exercising at all! The teacher Cassius is incredible too and is so talented. But after 90 minutes, I'm reminded of that fact that I'm by no means a dancer - and memories from horrendous dance lessons at school come flooding back. I can't keep up and start feeling awkward and embarrassed, so I leave 20 minutes early. Cassius, if you're reading this, you were great. I, however, was not!

Day seven

Sunday is a day of rest - so off I go to yoga and meditation at The Well Garden. I've written about this class before because it's completely blissful. I feel stronger and more able to keep up with the yoga poses, while the meditation zens me right out. I end the week feeling ready to take on week two - although I'm quickly wondering why I decided to do this...


I've really enjoyed week one. It almost feels like an excuse to fit everything in! Usually I miss out on yoga because I want to get in enough cardio or weight sessions in my usual four-days-a-week schedule, but this way I can do it all. I'm tired, but it's nothing a couple of early nights won't fix. I should probably cut down on the booze if I'm going to keep going though.
That's another thing...it does make me feel a bit boring. I have to make sure I get to bed early and act a bit like a granny when it comes to going out. Hopefully it'll pass?! More next week...

Daisy xox

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