Somehow the idea that all hair on a woman's body (apart from the mops on our heads and our lashes) must be removed has become engrained in us. This is a costly process; whether it's that monthly bikini wax, eyebrow threading, or the thousands of razors we seem to get through in our lifetimes. But if girls refuse to abide by this ridiculous "rule" that (some) people seem to believe defines your femininity, they're ridiculed. And it's not just men pointing the finger. In fact, women are probably more likely to question it. 

"I can see the stubble on your legs," one friend told me while I was at a festival, where shaving them was obviously my last priority.

Another said, "You've got quite hairy legs, haven't you?" Yeah, cheers babes. 

But the last straw came for me this week, while I was carrying a Jolen branded bag after a dreamy event at The Wolseley in London. 

"Isn't that the HAIR BLEACHING BRAND?!" someone sniggered, while I was stupid enough to believe at 25 years old we'd reached a level of maturity where excess hair was accepted. So what if it is?

If we're being told we must be hairless at all times and spend thousands in the process, are we seriously meant to pretend we don't? I find it refreshing when women are open about their daily battle to pluck, wax and shave every last hair off their shiny bodies - and even more so when they choose not to. 

I know women in their thirties who only choose to have Brazilian waxes due to social pressures - but I also know women who choose not to take part in any of it because of their personal beliefs and strength to ignore the bullshit we're fed about it being a necessity. And in my lifetime, I've met many men who don't seem to care if you haven't shaved your legs that day.

However I understand that not everyone is going to grow all of their hair out and feel comfortable doing weights in the gym with hairy 'pits. I'm not one of them, either! For those looking for a happy medium, Jolen Creme Bleach is the perfect solution. Instead of removing the hair, it removes all the colour and makes it invisible. 

Make-up artist Danielle Hudson took us through the ways you can use it after a dreamy breakfast last week, some of which I'd never even thought of! It's great when you're waiting to get your brows done and want to hide the old uni-brow, or even when summer hits and you're worried about people seeing your side burns. Who knew?! At £3.26 from Boots, it's a complete bargain too. So if you hate the social conventions but still want to look your best, give it a go.

Daisy xox

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