It's been a hectic month for me, what with trips to Ibiza, Italy and France, a weekend at Latitude festival and leaving my old job behind - so I was pretty pleased when Samantha Olivier got in touch about guest blogging for me. What she chose to write about fits in pretty well with my life at the moment - so I'm sure it will be relevant to a lot of you guys, too. Over to Sam...

With a vision ahead of her and a stride in her step, every unapologetically strong, powerful and decisive woman knows when the time comes to make a change. All of us often fight it, thinking the storms and unpleasantries will pass, but what we learn the hard way is that they won’t - unless we, alone, fight them. 
With the hectic lives we lead, the neglected interest in ourselves (and the world around us) and the rush to be all work and no play, it's possible we're gradually turning into shadows of who we used to be. We often forget to take a step back, reconnect with our inner self and remember what life was like prior to all this grown-up mess.

But not today.

Just before the heat waves hit and you are unable to breathe, let alone think – it’s the perfect time to do some damage-control on your life. De-clutter and detox your life from bad energies, fake relationships, fast food, broken relationships, fast loves, false promises, bad judgments and toxic people and give yourself the opportunity to start fresh this summer. 

Now, let’s explore some great things to do and change - and turn your life around for the better...

Tell ‘em off and shine
Surrounding yourself with toxic people is by far the worst thing you can do to yourself. These people have the power to drain the light out of you and make you feel uncomfortable, nervous and restless. The pop term is ‘energy vampires’ and if you are not sure how to spot them (no, you aren’t going to chase them with wooden sticks and garlic) just look for people you feel uncomfortable around, people who aren’t easy to talk to or whose manner of approach, behaviour and actions aren’t compatible with your own. Sometimes, these people can be the closest to you and drain you out, without you even realising it. Detox your relationships by saying goodbye to all the people that make you feel bad and embrace relationships that motivate you, thrill you and fill you with happiness.

Stop being apologetic about your routines
Routines are pretty much a norm in virtually all segments of our lives; everyone has them, but rarely anyone admits they do. Whether it’s that first cup from your fav Nespresso machine in the morning that’s giving you sanity, those STB (single time behaviour) routines when you walk around the house in just your panties on and not care, the need to spend time alone even though your significant other needs your attention, or your routine of turning off your phone every Saturday to give yourself peace – these routines (and many others) are often what we intimately feel is saving us while others find them a reason to judge us.
Well, you know what? There’ll always be someone who feels you should be starting your day with green tea, not coffee, that you shouldn’t turn off your phone at all (because they want to be able to reach you AT ALL TIMES), that you shouldn’t be so rude as to take time off and spend it alone – but guess what – you can never please everybody, nor should you try! Your life is yours only and you should love it and mould it after your own feelings and desires. Being considerate to other people is one thing; being obedient is something else. Love your routines, always.

Start thinking long-term
Living in the moment is great, but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to think about what comes next. While we absolutely understand you feel like you’ll die if you don’t get that second piece of cake, you won’t. Your health is a big part of who you are and when you are young, you don’t really find the time to think that way. But, all the bad habits skulk around the corner, waiting to jump all over your life the moment you hit 25. This summer is the perfect time to reorganise your habits and do something wonderful for your body. You don’t have to be drastic about it – one step at the time, and things will start changing.
Introduce a healthy diet into your life, start working out and meditating and let yourself sleep for longer than 5 hours – your body and health will thank you.

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