There’s nothing like the great outdoors. While some people simply love working out in the gym, I definitely prefer exercising outside where I can. So when I heard about British Military Fitness, I was super happy. They run hundreds of classes a week at over 140 venues in the country, all of which are situated in lovely green British parks. The sessions last for an hour and include a 10 minute warm-up, followed by 45 minutes of good old cardio and strength training (think burpees, mountain climbers, squats and push-ups) before you warm down. Not only is it a great way of keeping fit, you get to feel the fresh air on your skin and you even get the chance to make friends too. 

I was invited to London’s Clapham Common to try out one of their classes for the very first time. So on a groggy Sunday morning (I was celebrating leaving my job the night before, so ‘scuse the hangover hair!) I headed down with my sister-in-law Isabel to give it my best shot. You’re told to get into the appropriate level (blue is beginners, red intermediate and green advanced) and wear the relevant bib before the games begin. After opting for intermediate, we got down to business and built up our appetites for the divine breakfast that was served up afterwards. Here’s my verdict…

The promise: That you’ll feel “challenged, motivated and above all, have serious fun.” The benefits of group fitness are also stressed by the guys at BMF, who say it can keep you motivated, force you to give your best, and give you a chance to celebrate with all your new mates when you achieve your goals. The trainers all have military experience and could even help you burn up to 800 calories a session. Sounds good to me! 

The reality: Once you get over your fears, the instructor will have you running for miles, trying to beat your new friends at their challenges and playing fun games. The class never got boring as we did so many different things over the course of the hour and there’s a great team work vibe about the classes. But without weights to really build up your strength, I think it’s much more a cardio class than anything else. It’s great for those looking to get fit, get outside and make friends in the process, but I think you’d need to do more than this to really tone up. I might be wrong though - I didn’t go for green! 

Verdict: The classes are good fun. You’ll have a laugh, get to feel the fresh air on your skin and I’m sure going to classes like BMF can quickly become a habit. Sometimes weekend workouts are shunned in favour of an indulgent brunch, but to me, there’s nothing better than working up a sweat on a Sunday morning. I’ll definitely be heading to my local BMF at Victoria Park to have a laugh and keep fit, but I won’t be quitting my gym membership anytime soon. 

More info: Head to britmilfit.com to find your local classes. The first session is free, then there’s a joining fee of £25 and a selection of packages on offer. 

Daisy xox

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