I have a tricky relationship with yoga. I know I should do it, but I'd rather spend my morning workout sweating it out with a cardio class than spend an hour working on my (in)flexibility. The trouble is, when you're good at something you enjoy doing it. If it's a challenge, you can't be bothered (...or at least, I can't). 

Recently I've been thinking about the benefits yoga could have on me if I practised it more often - and I'm not just talking the changes it will make to my body. It goes without saying that yoga doesn't just condition your muscles, but it conditions your mind too. Or in other words, yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand. 

This is something I should have taken on board a long time ago. Last year I developed crippling anxiety and found myself panicking about menial tasks every single day. I was advised to practise mindfulness, but did I listen? Of course not! I've had more stress lately after deciding to leave my job and to end my relationship at the same time. Now I'm looking at more ways to look after myself in both mind and body and yoga is coming up top. 

After a friend recommended The Well Garden to me, I signed up for a morning yoga class. I'm always on the lookout for good classes in my area as I'm sure you already know, and this one did not disappoint. Here's why...

What: Dynamic Morning Yoga to relax your mind and set your body up for the day ahead. My idea of a dream morning. 

Where: The Well Garden, Hackney Downs Studios, 17 Amhurst Terrace, LDN, E8 2BT. 7-8am and 8.15-9.15am every Monday-Thursday. 60 minute classes cost £12, with introductory offers and class passes available.

The promise: To energise and uplift. Expect "heart and body warming flows" to focus your mind for the day ahead and connect your breathing. The guys at TWG also assure you that morning yoga will improve posture, boost your metabolism and aid better sleep. Amen to that.

The reality: An incredibly personalised yoga class. When I attended, there was just two of us being taught by the lovely Anna. As I've mentioned before, I'm often put off as I find some poses embarrassingly challenging - but she told me to take it slow. There was no judgement but she knew which parts of my body were under strain. She told me how to deal with these problems and put my (ever racing) mind at ease. The class wasn't painfully challenging, but it gave me a rest from my thoughts. It made me feel I was getting to know my body better. It made me want to go back!

Verdict: The class is perfect for anyone. Whether you've never tried yoga, or if you do headstands in your sleep, the teachers will teach a personalised class. It's not too busy, meaning you'll feel comfortable and relaxed.

For more info, head to thewellgarden.co.uk

Photos: Instagram/The Well Garden

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