Sometimes you just need a break. I'm the first person to admit that the hustle and bustle of London can tire me out - both emotionally and physically - and often a hectic few weeks at work on top of a busy social life leaves me exhausted. So going against ‘convention’, I recently caught the train to Newquay for a relaxing bank holiday weekend by myself (yep, you heard right!) and I can't describe just how lovely it was. I had nobody to answer to, nobody's expectations of the holiday to meet but my own, and it was refreshing to say the least. And I just have to tell you about the hotel I stayed in. It's simply the perfect spot for those of you looking for a staycation this year.

When it comes to a good hotel, it's all in the details. I arrived to my sea view room at the Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa to find chocolates on the bed, which is obviously the way to win me over. But the best thing about it was the incredible view of the Beach. Not only did I spend my days gazing out at the waves, but the tub overlooked the sea too, so naturally I managed to get in a soak during my stay. 

Not only that, but luxurious ESPA bath products were provided, as well as a cheeky hangover kit and a portable iPhone charger. I wasn’t looking for a wild weekend, but I was still impressed with the attention to detail. And they must have known I was a tea lover or something, as there were trillions of teas provided (and some tasty biscuits too!). 

It’s not often you’re in a position to travel by yourself, and some people probably don’t get it. But it really does give you time to reflect and put your feet up. I had an incredible massage/facial combo at the spa, used the gym, and even had a surf lesson at the Quiksilver surf school. I might not be a surfer chick yet, but maybe one day eh? Give me time! If everything is getting a bit much, I’d really recommend taking a break somewhere affordable to yourself. I’ll definitely be heading back to Newquay, perhaps with friends or family next time!

 Daisy xox

For more info, head to fistralbeachhotel.co.uk

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  1. I love Cornwall! I don't think I visited Newquay for very long though, I am more of a ST Ives kind of gal! This hotel looks beautiful though xx

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