Nothing cripples your confidence quite like acne.

Throughout my teens and early twenties, my skin was pretty much flawless. People would comment on my clear complexion and ask what my secret was. I didn’t particularly need to wear foundation, but I did anyway (if you already have good skin, where’s the harm in making it look even better?). And when my friends would complain about having spots, I was as empathetic as I could be, but mostly I thought they were overreacting. I never even considered how something seemingly so minor as a few spots could destroy your confidence almost overnight.

Then, in 2014, I moved to London. Suddenly painful, itchy, red spots covered my jawline and chin and brought with them a whole host of insecurities. I felt ashamed of my face, like I was dirty and almost like people were judging me. People would stare at my spots while we chatted. A stranger told me my friend was more beautiful than me because she was ‘fresh faced’. Friends would give me advice, such as, ‘Have you tried a vegetarian diet? What about cutting out dairy? Do you take your make-up off before bed?’ Yeah cheers guys, I never knew you were meant to wash your face…

Obviously not everyone is so insensitive. Many people tell me I’m overreacting and that my skin is ‘fine’. And they’re right; it could be far worse. But surely at 25, your skin is meant to be completely clear. It’s frustrating when you’re waking up every morning and battling more angry spots. I’ve been on the pill (but gave it the boot when it made me put on weight), I’ve been on antibiotics and I’ve tried a whole host of lotions and potions. It’s even more infuriating when you spend hundreds on different products that promise to transform your skin, just to find out they’re absolutely useless. 

Ultimately I’ve discovered that it’s London that has done this to my face. Whenever I leave the city, it clears up almost immediately. And it’s still something I battle today - two years after moving here. But if you're suffering a similar fate, it's important to remember that you're not in this alone. I know countless people whose skin has been impacted by the air and water pollution of London, as well as the stressful way of life. It goes without saying that it's also far worse to you than it ever seems to anybody else. And there are things you can do to help.

I’ve found a few things that have had a huge impact on my acne over the years, and many that don’t. From giving up drinking tap water, going vegan and even drinking tea specifically designed to clear your skin, I've given most things a go, so I wanted to give you the truth about all of them. Watch this space for Part Two - my comprehensive and honest guide to skincare - coming up next week. I will also be telling the truth about Roaccutane soon too. 

While I'm still trying to find ways to combat acne for good, I know that it will eventually pass. And I hope if you're suffering too, you don't let it get you down. We have to get up, put on some great make-up to cover it up and get on with it. Em from My Pale Skin has really inspired me and given me hope that one day, my skin will return to being clean and clear. And if you already have flawless skin, embrace it. Don't stare at anybody else's imperfections and blemishes - it makes us feel small and shitty.

Till' next time...

Daisy xox

PS. I'm wearing make-up in these photos, so admittedly my skin looks fine. As much as I wanted to share my make-up free mug with you all, I'm not confident enough to do that yet. One day, eh? 


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  1. I have battled with acne for seven years! I know how you feel lovely! Acne is just the worst, it doesn't nothing to your confidence but it's important to remember you are worth more than ruthless comments, remarks or stares you may get. Beauty always starts from within xx




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