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Boy oh boy, has this been long overdue! I've been posting so much about fitness, travel and beauty recently that my fashion posts have taken a backseat. In fact it's been months since I shared one of my outfits with you, so I thought it was about time I did...

As we all do at various points in our lives, I've gone on a bit of a mad one when it comes to shopping recently. I've had a few major changes happen over the last month or so, but it's nothing that a spot of retail therapy can't fix and Zara has been my prime spot for overspending. I bought this long floral shirt after spying it on a celebrity (shhh!) and I love it. From the front it's so simple, but the detail on the back is beautiful and really makes it pop. It works well as a cover up in these weird spring/summer months when you're scared to get your skin out, but I've been so chilly recently that I opted to wear it with a casual combo of black jeans and a black polo neck. That way you can appreciate the beautiful florals in their full glory! I've got a bit of a thing for embroidered florals at the moment, so you might be seeing a little more of it in my upcoming fashion posts. Watch this space...

Daisy xox

Shirt | Zara. Polo Neck | ASOS. Jeans | Old. Shoes | Dr Martens. Bag | Whistles (similar here). Necklace | Anna Lou of London.

Photography: Gareth Bevan


  1. I just would like to say, that I love your Outfit and your pics, you're really pretty :)

    Xx Sarah

  2. Oh my days, I am in love with that shirt! I can feel a Zara spree coming on.

  3. Love this look, this shirt is stunning! :O x

    Emily | www.emilyrhodes.co.uk



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