It’s been a little while since my last blog post. I hope you can excuse my absence. Writers block, some would call it. But I’ve been feeling a little off recently, and this has inspired what I’m about to say…

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, everyone thinks they’re an expert. So you read something on Google that claimed gluten is destroying your gut? You must be right then. All your friends have quit dairy because it makes you skinny? Better try it out, then! It seems to be that we’re a society obsessed with trends. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s curvy bum, Chloe Madeley’s killer six pack or Clean Eating Alice’s virtuous diet, we all want a bit of the action - even if it takes the fun out of our lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen victim to these obsessions too. I stopped eating bread when I noticed all my friends had, I believed I had some sort of intolerance to gluten (even though toast is - and always will be - my ultimate favourite food) and I’ve tried sugary protein shakes in the hope that I’ll look like a goddess after a few. But hasn’t Celia Learmonth (of London Fitness Guide) taught us anything? Isn’t there more to life than having a great body? And why do we follow these trends when they suddenly become the ‘in’ thing?

Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. So while I endeavour to be as healthy as possible, I’ve decided not to let it rule my life. I’m not going to give up dairy to have better skin, I’m not going to stop eating carbs to lose a few lbs, and I’m not going to quit caffeine because Millie Mackintosh says it’s the way to go. After all, isn’t it healthier to live a balanced life? I enjoy eating healthy food and keeping fit. Chocolate is my fruit and nut mix, McDonalds is my exercise. But if I want a muffin, I’m gonna eat a f*cking muffin! There’s more to life than looking good - and obsessively counting calories and working out is no way to live. 

Most importantly, you should learn to appreciate yourself as you are. Appreciate the incredible things your body does for you and learn to love it. When you’re old, you’ll look back and laugh at the pressure you put yourself under today. So excuse me while I tuck in to peanut butter on toast and a large, creamy latte. I’ll be the one with a huge smile on my face.



  1. Great post! When i hold myself back from something, it makes me want it more, and then the danger of going 'fuck it' and completely over doing it. lately i've been feeling more uhealthy than ever and decided that i need to change things up, but it needed to be something that could be an ongoing thing and not depriving myself of the enjoyment of lovely food. I've done fads and gone full circle with them, so i decided to let myself have all the things i love but just in smaller portions. for example; a chocolate bar will now last 2 days, instead of having 2 slices of bread i'll have 1 but add in an extra egg or something else. It's the slowest way of loosing weight but it's realistic for me and it's more about feeling healthier than weight loss / looking better. Fad stuff doesn't ever get you anywhere as you always end up where you started... When i was younger i was a lot slimmer than i am now and i still had massive body hangups, probably more! I look back now and feel like slapping myself for thinking that I needed to change and all the time consumed by it. I also think that us girls need to give each other a break too... so much body shaming goes on, who are we to judge how someone else looks? And how boring are people who don't eat? or people who can't miss a gym workout because they might gain a lb! Boo! x x

    1. Thanks Michelle! I definitely think there's more to life than what our bodies look like. It's nice to feel confident but at the same time, there's nothing attractive about someone who only thinks about what their appearance. That sounds like the healthiest and most balanced way of doing things! xxx



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