There's a lot to think about when it comes to a good Sunday Roast. Crisp roast potatoes are a must, succulent meat is imperative and don't even get me started on side dishes ('Scuse the dribbling, I'm just dreaming of mac & cheese)! I don't know when it began but since moving to London I appear to have taken it upon myself to scour the city for the finest roasts on offer. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it, eh? So I thought I'd share my thoughts on my latest weekend feast with you, all the way from W8's The Mall Tavern...

Where: 71 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill - just minutes from London's beloved Portobello Road. After lunch, make sure to check out the street's cute pastel houses and indie stores. My highlight was Sister Jane for their dreamy dresses and cute warehouse.

Price: Roasts are on average £15 - about the standard for a decent Sunday lunch in London - but starters are a little more pricey, ranging from £5-12. I tried the Soup of the Day, which was kinda small IMO. But then again it meant I managed to polish off my roast no problem, which is of course my no.1 priority! 

Highlights: The vegetable & nut roast is divine. As a recently-turned veggie, one of the things I worried about when I decided to take the plunge was giving up my roasts for good. But after The Mall Tavern's veggie special I'm starting to think nut roasts are even better than their meat counterparts. It's served with a generous portion of succulent roast veg, crisp roast potatoes, a huge yorkshire pudding and buttery sauce on the side. I recommend it to anyone - veggie or not.

Watch out for: It gets pretty packed on a Sunday, so make sure to book in advance. Having said that, we nearly got wedged on a teeny tiny table between two other groups despite reserving a table. Luckily the staff were #totesbrill so managed to move us and we nabbed the perfect window spot.

Verdict: I'm a bit of an East London-lover, so I rarely venture much further afield on weekends. But this pub has got it all; amazing food, fun atmosphere, attentive staff and the perfect location. 

Daisy xox

Pictures : Facebook/The Mall Tavern

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