Class of the week: David Lloyd Orangetheory

I'm always on the hunt for new, exciting and challenging fitness classes around London - which is why I'm #obsessed with Classpass! After my recent post about my favourite fitness studios in East London, I thought I'd start a regular feature on the blog about the latest classes I've been trying, starting with David Lloyd Orangetheory. After watching their super-American, super-cheesy video, I was kinda intrigued...

What is it: The premise of the class is that you're hooked up with a heart monitor for the duration of the class and you work to get your heart rate into the target - or 'orange' - zone. You get one point for each minute you're here and your stats are displayed on a screen, alongside all your fellow Orangetheorists, throughout the class. This is great for motivation and keeps you working hard for the full hour. 

You're guided through the class by qualified personal trainers. You spend 30 minutes working up a sweat on the treadmill and 30 building muscle with strength training, which can be anything from using the rowing machine, to TRX training. 

The promise: You can burn up to 1,000 calories during the session, and a further 400 in the 36 hours afterwards (known as the 'Orange Effect'). If you take the class regularly, you'll tone up and you'll have increased energy.

Where: I tried the London Aldgate studio, but they are also located in Islington, Enfield and Winchester. 

The reality: While the idea of having your own heart rate monitor and competing with the rest of the class for points is appealing, my monitor failed to work. This was bloody frustrating as I knew I was working hard, but I wasn't getting the points I deserved. I was advised to buy my own monitor, but I felt this defeated the object of the class. And I don't particularly want to spend an extra £30 because their equipment doesn't work! I also found the class in general a bit 'meh' as I could do the same exercises by myself in the gym for a lot cheaper if I wanted to. 

The personal trainer who took the class was keen to tell me that the class was super popular in the US and had even over taken Cross Fit. But there's such a wide variety of ways to keep fit in London, I don't see this happening here. Soz, guys.

The decor also left a lot to be desired. They're obv going for an 'orange' theme, but it reminds me of the EasyGym I used to go to in Cardiff... *shudders*

Verdict: I'm sure the class will help you burn fat and if you're looking for a challenging way to keep fit, it might work for you. But with all the sophisticated, modern and fun classes on offer these days, I reckon you can find something better. Keep a look out on the blog for more ideas every week! 

Daisy xox

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