#WCW: Becca Dudley

Okay, okay - I admit it. I'm a closet Instagram stalker. One of my favourite things to do is trawl through another girls Instagram whose style I particularly admire and use her for #styleinspo. You might have spotted my post about singer Whinnie Williams, who absolutely smashes the seventies look. But while I'm a big fan of retro style, I also love an updated and modern vibe, which is were Becca Dudley comes in. She's been the latest victim to feel the wrath of my secret hobby.

The MTV presenter is my #girlcrush this week. Not only do I admire her work ethic and achievements (she's a talented model, TV presenter, radio host...the list goes on), but her style is on point. She rocks a cool and casual look and, quite frankly, makes dressing up look a bit lame. Here are some of my favourite looks of hers and of course my top picks for nabbing her fresh look...

Daisy xox

Get The Look

Top | Jaded London | £30
Skirt | Jaded London | £30
Bomber Jacket | Topshop | £75
Dr Martens | ASOS | £80

Photos from Instagram, ASOS and Topshop
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