Five fitness myths we've been told...

Fitness. It's a bloody minefield, isn't it? You think you're being super healthy by going for a run and lifting the occasional weight, and then someone tells you that what you're doing is TOTALLY WRONG and you'll never get abs if you continue.

In the past this has caused me utter confusion about what I should be doing in the gym. I got myself a personal trainer for a brief time to dispel the myths and give me guidance. But lo and behold, I later find out that all the information he told me was entirely wrong! It's exhausting. But after a gruelling and educational week at bootcamp (more about that later), I've learned a lot about where I've been going wrong. I thought I'd share some of the myths I've been told in the past. Maybe you can empathise...

1. You don't need to do cardio
Looking back, this obviously seems like a ridiculous statement to believe. A personal trainer I saw for a couple of months told me that if I ate well and did weights, I didn't need cardio. But just doing sit-ups isn't going to get you anywhere. After piling on the pounds, I soon realised this was a load of sh*t. If you need me, I'll be running my ass around the park...

2. It's all about cardio
But despite the need to do some cardio you also need to remember that for tone and definition, weight training is key. I'm no expert, but since learning to lift weights and building up my strength, there's no doubt that I'm more toned. Plenty of women simply run on the treadmill. Not only is this as boring as hell, but it probably won't get you the body you want.

3. Lifting weights will bulk you up
This used to be a huge fear of mine before I realised that the bulky women you do see probably spend the majority of their lives trying to look like that. It's not easy, so don't kid yourself into thinking a few squats are going to turn you into a bodybuilder. 

4. Yoga and pilates does nothing for you
Sure - yoga isn't as tough as weight lifting and it doesn't burn as many calories as HIIT training. But I can certainly feel the difference if I haven't been stretching my muscles for a while. Not only is it relaxing, but it also improves your flexibility, stress levels and even helps tone you up.

5. You must stretch before you work out
I don't know where this came from. I've been with friends who have insisted we stretch before going for a run, but it's warming up we should be doing before sprinting off. Stretching is for after a workout and should be done to avoid tight and painful muscles post-workout.

Have you heard any more ridiculous fitness myths? Let me know!

Daisy xox

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