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In this day and age it's rare to find an independent retailer that's both stylish and ethical. Meet Olive. They describe their style as 'combining heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness, and street casual with elegance'. Their image is completely on point. If you love pinafore dresses, crisp shirts and suede skirts, you'll love Olive. But to meet their neat, stylish and unique vision, they don't compromise on quality. Each piece is beautifully made. 

What I love most about shopping here is that you don't get on the tube and see somebody else wearing the same dress as you. Due to their small scale, the fact they're relatively unknown and their flagship store being nestled in the small town of Cheltenham, you can wear each piece in the confidence that not all your friends will have bought the same thing - unlike some popular monster retailers like Topshop (although I do love Topshop!). Having said this, they create such beautiful items  that I don't see this being the case for much longer. Whenever I pay Cheltenham a visit, Olive is the only shop which I'm desperate to visit. But luckily for me, they also have a fantastic online store - which I urge you to peek at! 

If you're looking for style inspiration, their Instagram offers stunning photos of perfectly put together outfits. Soon enough you'll be desperately searching for your credit card to make a purchase. Here are some of my favourite examples. Enjoy!

Daisy xox

Photos: Instagram

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